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Down Payment Program

Get your dream home with 1%-2% of the purchase price! We will help you obtain the Purchase Assistance Loan Program...and up to $22,000 in money to help you buy your first home!

You can purchase any Single Family Home in Pinellas, Hillsborough or Pasco county, with a sales price under $158,000 (see below for more details).

Step 1: Check below the 2015 Income Limits Table

FHA Loan

The WIN program helps you get the house for a very small down payment... Then, We will do the FHA Loan with a low interest rate!

-Min Credit Score 580
-Collections no more than $2000 (medical don't matter)
-No judgement or lawsuit or middle of divorce
-2 years employment (no gaps)
-1% to 2% Cash of purchase prices
- No Bankruptcy in the past 2 years, No Foreclosures or Short sales in the past 3 years

Finding The Right Home

Not all the homes are a good fit for the program... We will help you find the right home at the right price!

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And for NSP Homes see this page on the right side of the screen.

We do it all! The loan assistance down payment process + FHA Loan + Find your home!

WIN Program

Covers the City of St Petersburg

Tampa Bay CDC

Covers Pinellas (except St Petersburg City), Hillsborough, and Pasco counties.

City of Tampa

Covers the City of Tampa

Income Qualifications:

Income calculated based on HOUSEHOLD income, not just the loan applicant. If your household size (number of people living in your home) is 4 your household income can't exceed $47,200 - See the table below for other household sizes...


 Household Size 


















For NSP Homes (build by the City of St Petersburg) are availble for families with income under $29,500

Max Purchase Price:

Single family residence, a condominium, a town home or a cooperative housing unit with a maximum purchase price of $158,000 for existing homes and $203,000 for new constructions. Only for Largo (Properties with Tax Code LA) up to $138,000 only.

First Time Home Buyer:

If you are a first time home buyer or you have not owned any real estate property in the past 3 years... You qualify!

Homeownership Workshops:

Is required you attend a HOMEOWNERSHIP WORKSHOPS

Required Documents (get pre-qualify):

To make an initial determination of income eligibility, the following is required: Bank statements, pay-stubs, credit report and other income related documentation. This may result in a conditional commitment for funding.

After receiving approval or pre-qualification, the following is required: The appraisal, home inspection, third party verifications, and loan package.

Home Inspection:

A private sector home inspection is highly recommended and a city of St. Petersburg Housing Rehabilitation Officer will review the inspection to ensure compliance with the city's code of ordinances as it applies to health and safety of the unit. Should there not be a private sector property inspection, a city Rehabilitation Officer will physically inspect the property for compliance to city code. A home built prior to 1960 will require a historical property review, which is completed by the State of Florida. If a home was built prior to 1978, a lead inspection may be required if there is evidence that lead may be present. The property MUST BE IN GOOD CONDITIONS homes that are bank-owned, short sales or that requires repairs are not eligible for this program.

Loan Amount

The City of St Petersburg provides up to $22,000 - The amount you received will be determinated after they receive all the required paperwork.

Tampa Bay CDC: Clearwater (tax code CW): $14,000, Largo (tax code LA): up to $25,000, Unincorporated Pinellas County (all other tax codes except SP): $10,000

Paying the Mortgage Back:

Monthly payments shall be amortized at an interest rate of zero percent (0%) for a term of 240 months. The following applies only to the City of St Petersburg: After 120 payments have been made, or the principal balance of the loan has been reduced by fifty percent (50%), the remaining principal balance or fifty percent (50%) of the loan balance shall be forgiven.


Step 1

Call us to get you qualify!

Step 2

Let us help you find your dream home!

Step 3

Move to your dream home!

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